True Israel Of God

Hebrew Israelite groups gather and proselytize in metropolitan areas. "Unfortunately as far as is known, no description of Abraham appears in the Dead Sea scrolls, but as Sarah's description is that of her racial attributes, one can only conclude that Abraham being a relative of Sarah, see Gen 20:12 would be identical" (R. Weliland, God's Covenant People, p.340, emphasis added).

A further rebellion in the second century under the messianic leader Bar Kochba led to a near complete diaspora While some Jews remained in Palestine many moved east to the cities of the eastern Roman Empire , west to Alexandria and Africa , and north into Asia Minor and southern Europe, eventually making their way to northern and eastern Europe and the United States Jews comprise several ethnic groups and have been found as far from Israel as China.

Despite our incriminating track record it's not too late to change the jury's mind about us. If we truly embrace who Jesus really was and what he really taught, make that the core of our belief system, finally let go of this racial territorialism and stop resisting and being offended by the possibility that he could have been a black Jew among the many black Jews that lived in those times, then Christianity would no longer be seen by so many as a racist, dogmatic and murderous "white European killing machine".

We can also better understand the motive to create laboratory diseases such as AIDS, perhaps Ebola to wipe out many of the true children of Israel, where many of the lost children of Israel actually fled to, and the counterfeit state of "Israel" in another light and what this all means as to god's chosen people its implications in prophecy and Revelation.

In Jewish popular culture, the ten tribes disappeared from history, leaving only the tribes of Benjamin, Judah , and Levi to eventually become the modern day Jews. In 1966, African Israelite founder and leader Ben Ammi (the name literally means Son of My People,” formerly Ben Carter of Chicago) claimed to have been visited by the angel Gabriel.

Extremist Hebrew Israelites have a long, strange list of enemies. He also urged Blacks, Whites and Jews to read the books, which are compiled from works and research done by Jewish thinkers and scholars, and then talk to him. They were occupied by Romans their land was forcefully taken and they were encouraged to vacate the land (israel) and go back to Africa.

Thus the name "Abraham" means of a "father of a multitude" (Genesis 12:1-5), "Isaac" means "laughter" (Genesis 21:1-6), "Jacob" means "heel catcher," i.e., "supplanter, or "deceiver" (Genesis 27:36), "Israel" means "overcomer with God" or "prevailer with God" (Genesis 32:28), and "Satan" means "adversary." These are just a few of many thousands of Hebrew words - all of which had a definite meaning.

(6) And he said to me, It is a great thing for thee to be called my servant, to establish the tribes of Jacob, and to recover the dispersion of Israel: behold I have given thee for the covenant of a race, for a light of the Gentiles (ethnoon = tribes of Israel), that thou shouldest be for salvation to the end of the Earth.

This shows conclusively that the blond Israelites were called Amorites. The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem are comprised of approximately 2,000 men, women and children residing in three development towns - - Dimona, Arad and Mitzpe Ramon - - in southern Israel.

Look how He cursed the Israelites to never know who they really were until He placed them in a new land to be born as a new nation after the 2,520 yr. curse, which would be about 1776 A.D. The historical information had been there for them, about their origins, but they never could see it. Until now.

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