5 Best Table Lamps In India To Buy Online 2018

With the new year upon us, it's time to upgrade our homes - without the stress of overspending our budget. The experts we spoke with also noted that using task lighting can reduce the higher energy costs of brighter ambient or overhead light. Gold touches add sophistication and finesse to otherwise simple interior design, so if you don't have the budget to splash out on redecorating, invest in a standout piece of lighting instead.

The super-minimal Touch Lamp comes in oak or walnut, and has a brass base that acts as a touch-control switch. Its versatility includes dorm rooms, living room spaces, office tables, even your doctor's office. Adjustable arms and lamp hoods ensure that you can direct the light towards your work and also allows you to alter the height of the lamp if you wish.

Energy consumption of the lamps represented in this review ranges from 2 W to 20 W. Consider this measurement attentively and make sure that the quality of light justifies energy consumption. You will be able to adjust the brightness of this lamp effortlessly thanks to the touch sensitive base.

Reduce eye strain: A dimly lit desk space can cause strain on your eyes. 2. Measure the area you need lighting to choose the size of the ideal lamp. There are plenty of good reasons to add a lamp to your home or space They're easy to install, portable, decorative and an excellent way to supplement fixed lighting.

Ideally, you will be able to find one that doesn't necessarily take up too much space and one that provides the right amount of light so your eyes are not going to strain because of it. Also, you want to find apple one that is stylish enough to include in such a vital spot in your room.

You can reduce glare from overhead lighting by using a suitable lampshade that will ensure that there are no annoying reflections in your computer screen from the bulb. Offers 4 Different Lighting Modes & 5 Levels Of Brightness. The app-enabled Bolt bulb can access your iPhoto to replicate, say, the color of the sky from that trip to Montana.

In addition, the lamp is designed with a tip-resistant base so that it can't be knocked over. It's the classic adjustable lamp that Brits love for a sense of nostalgia: Everybody's seen or used one at home, school or in the office. Another Amazon customer was disappointed in the quality of the light bar construction and longevity of the desk lamp, but most agree that for the price, it's a very good desk lamp.

The Z-Bar has a built-in 4-step dimming function that will take the light down to save even more on electricity or it can be used to create softer lighting for the task at hand. - When you use an LED desk lamp, you can be sure that they will be far safer than other light options.

Furthermore, the one-touch timer feature comes with 4 different options giving you an hour session intervals for an effective light therapy that fits excellently into whatever busy lifestyle you live. SMART TOUCH MODE: Highly sensitive touch button makes this Student Desk Lamp light up the room conveniently.

With 1300 lux of output, the Vector 2800 Desk Lamp is a lamp ideal high productivity environments where clean, bright, crisp lighting is needed. When coordinated with your other room lightening likes floor lamp, table lamp, overhead lights, and natural lights.

To compare the six remaining lamps, we put them on a desk and used them for two hours in the morning at a computer, using cooler color temperatures, and at night to read, using warmer color temperatures. To suit different lighting needs, this desk light can offer different intensities of light.

The Lumos LED Desk Lamp helps you avoid eye fatigue caused by flickering light and harsh glare. I think the light quality is so much better than older desk lamps that it really helps when you are studying for a long time. Designed to fit in a small cubicle with various office items, the Lumiy desk lamp is minimalist in appearance.

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