Physical Characteristics Of True Israelites!

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many different theories there are in regards to what happened to the lost tribes of Israel. Since the tribes of Israel were declared lost, and the remnants of the nation of Israel were subsequently scattered to the four corners of the earth, many have come forward proclaiming that they are the true descendants of Israel. Members of the Nation of Yahweh, on the other hand, believe that all of the Old Testament prophets, Jesus Christ, and God Himself are all black.

They frequently use Hebrew words such as Yah the name of God, Yahweh, shortened as Yah, Yahoshua Jesus, Shabbat Sabbath, etc. Hebrew Israelites are usually part of the Sacred Name movement: they believe you must refer to God as Yah” (or some other name). Dr. Sand names among these historians Ben-Zion Dinur, called the father of Israel history; the great historian Marc Bloch; and Abraham Polok, founder of the department of Middle Eastern history at the University of Tel Aviv.

And there is less evidence that black Americans whose descendants were slaves, are Israelites. Hebrew Israelites are people of color, mostly African American, who identify as descendants of the biblical Israelites. And that Israel even gave the BHI ALIYAH, and so, even BLACK AFRICAN AMERICAN BHI have found a home in that new nation.

Reject the House of Windsor's ANTI-Covenant and therefore unlawful legislation (Deuteronomy 4:2), by all means possible, but do not reject your birthright as Israelites and British people, with YOUR own emblem the War Queen of Ireland, with Trident and Olive Twig - Teia Tephi.

Examples may be multipled: God struck down thousands of rebellious Israelites in the wilderness (Num 14:26-45; Num 21:5-9; Num 16:1-50), though the church was preserved and led to the Promised Land (Acts 7:38-45); In Isaiah's day, apostasy became so rampant that Israel continued to exist through a small but faithful remnant (Isa 10:22-23; Isa 1:7-9; Rom 9:27-29); In Elijah's era, the multitude of Israelites who worshiped the false god Baal was so great that faithful Israel narrowed to a mere seven thousand men (1 Kings 19:1-18; Rom 11:2-4).

Myers says the ARYAN or INDO-EUROPEAN” and also the SEMITIC” peoples belong to the so-called WHITE RACE” which inhabits Europe, Western Asia, North America, South Africa and Australia (Myers, The Eastern Nations and Greece., pp. 15,16). Only British, Americans, and other Northwestern Europeans can make this claim, while the Black Africans were still lost in heathenism.

3. Most writers, however, agree in stating that once a disease, which horribly disfigured the body, broke out over Egypt; that king Bocchoris, seeking a remedy, consulted the oracle of Hammon, and was bidden to cleanse his realm, and to convey into some foreign land this race detested by the gods.

You see I did extensive research deuteronomy curses on this topic as a result of the Quran speaking about the Israelite's often, I was curious who these people actually were and it's mentioned explicitly they are 'cursed' even in the bible that goes a lot further in this, which I again quoted for you with reference.

The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem (known in Israel as the Black Hebrews) is a small spiritual group whose members believe they are descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. I don't use them, I use what the scriptures call them and that is ISRAEL and ISRAELITES.

So why is it so hard for many to believe that when we were expelled from out of our land, for our disobedience to Yahuah, that following the example of our ancestors (especially the Messiah) we ALSO fled down into various parts of Africa to hideout, and dwelled among the Hamites just as our people had done on many other occasions throughout history and scripture.

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